Sun Prints

Inspired by the wonderful work of Susan Derges (using light sensitive paper, she captures patterns of light as it travels through water), George and I finally cracked open his birthday pack of sun print paper and carried out a few experiments of our own.

sun paper 1

The leaf skeletons make another appearance

sun paper process step 1

We start the process by placing items under a sheet of perspex

step 2

Then we lay them in the sun for exactly two minutes

step 4

Rinsing in water fixes the exposure process

Our first print

Our second print

Our third print

Our fourth print

Then we got thinking to what else we could try...

Another rinse

Another lovely experiment in craft completed

I think it will not be long before we have to investigate the workings of a pin-hole camera.

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My name is Roze Sherwood, I am a mother of three brilliant boys; eight year old twins and a nine year old. I’m married and live in Buckinghamshire, working as a graphic designer for most of the time and stealing pockets of time here and there to write and craft. This blog is a place for me to share the craft projects I test out on my three sons. Thank you for taking an interest.

11. June 2012 von Roze
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