Foraging for Elderflowers


So this is what elderflower actually looks like. It can be found growing on trees.


Gather 17 flower blooms, slice two unwaxed lemons and one unwaxed orange. Dissolve 450grams of caster sugar into 850ml of water and leave to cool.


Add the flowers, fruit and 25grams of citric acid to the water, stir and leave for 24 hours in a cool place.


Serve with sparkling water and ice after a victorious game of cricket.


This week I finally became confident enough to differentiate between three of the white flowers that grow in the local hedges and identify which were hawthorn, cow parsley and elderflower without the need to reach for a book or screen. I then found a recipe online, put the ingredients together and 24 hours later we enjoyed our first batch of elderflower cordial. Hopefully there’ll be lots more foraging to come.

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29. May 2016 von Roze
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