Today’s make by Willa…


will be lavender bath bombs


Start by measuring all of the dry ingredients and mixing them together in a big bowl.


This is the citric acid which was not easy to find. Boots do not sell it but Sainsburys pharmacy does – although we bought their last two packets.


Then add the water, food colouring and essential oil, just before your twin brother discovers that you’re up to something.


Ask him to grab an apron and slowly mix whilst you drip liquid in – trying ever so hard not to set off the baking soda.


Then when it looks like you have a bowl of bread crumbs pat into silicone cases and leave to dry for 24 hours.

We used a recipe from the April issue of ‘The Simple Things’ magazine but have since found another one that doesn’t use epsom salts or corn flour, so we might try out the second one and see which one works out best.

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27. March 2016 von Roze
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