Bird Houses #2

I tried to be objective and only include the group shot of bird houses from the end of yesterday’s session but I couldn’t help but share some other pictures too.

One grandma returned to the workshop again with her grandson, explaining that they had spent the whole week making a village of bird houses at home and they were still keen to make more.

The kids’ creativity from this workshop didn’t fail to enchant, with lots of proud smiles at the end results.

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My name is Roze Sherwood, I am a mother of three brilliant boys; eight year old twins and a nine year old. I’m married and live in Buckinghamshire, working as a graphic designer for most of the time and stealing pockets of time here and there to write and craft. This blog is a place for me to share the craft projects I test out on my three sons. Thank you for taking an interest.

24. May 2015 von Roze
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