Fantasy Birdhouses

I was lucky to have such great kids and parents at my second workshop this weekend at Milton Keynes Arts Centre. For two hours I helped them to make fantasy bird houses together. Everyone went home feeling so proud of their creations that it gave me (and continues to give me) a warm, happy glow inside. I love these workshops.

The session starts with drawing up some plans and looking at research, then they build, then they introduce the birds to their new homes and then they share their creations. Here are the pics (there’s rather a lot this time):

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I missed the opportunity to photograph all of the birdhouses together but I’m running the workshop again next Saturday, so will get the chance to do so in 6 days time – there are still a few free places if you want to book on to next week’s workshop.

About Roze

My name is Roze Sherwood, I am a mother of three brilliant boys; eight year old twins and a nine year old. I’m married and live in Buckinghamshire, working as a graphic designer for most of the time and stealing pockets of time here and there to write and craft. This blog is a place for me to share the craft projects I test out on my three sons. Thank you for taking an interest.

17. May 2015 von Roze
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  1. Rose thank you soooooo much for your time and effort on Saturday! We had an amazing time! Thank you for sharing your creativity and passion … And thank you for being such a kind beautiful lady!
    Michaella loves her bird house and it will be lovingly kept for years to come!
    Marsha xxx

  2. It was my pleasure, Michaella was a brilliant member of the workshop.

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