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The Spring Collection

It’s been a bit chilly lately. The boys have all learnt the sheer comfort that can only come from snuggling up to a warm, furry soft, hot water bottle and I’ve been thinking of how we can plan ahead during … Continue reading

15. February 2012 by Roze
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Lantern making

This was a relaxing and easy project from last Sunday. I cut some fresh willow from the garden and we spent two industrious hours contentedly bending, fixing, sticking and trimming. The inspiration came from Fiona Danks and Jo Schofields’ book … Continue reading

21. January 2012 by Roze
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Making without goal or purpose in mind

It was too wet to go to the park after school today so we arrived home early. With half an hour to fill, we set up a printing session, with no goal or purpose in mind, just to be and … Continue reading

08. November 2011 by Roze
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Harvesting and planting

As we watch the last of the tomatoes change from green to red and harvest the last of the pumpkins we find ourselves with a wanting sandpit again. So today William and Oliver made it into a winter bed for … Continue reading

09. October 2011 by Roze
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Simple Pleasures

As we approach the end of the school holidays I’m surprised at how we’ve spent our days. Instead of planning each day, I took a more laid back approach this time and just went with the flow. The result was … Continue reading

22. August 2011 by Roze
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Party straws

For my party preparations this week, I turned my attention to decorating the drinks. I found this idea by accident when I was online looking for stripy paper straws. It’s from a lovely book entitled ‘Paper + Craft‘. Made from … Continue reading

10. June 2011 by Roze
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An unexpected pleasure

How much wellbeing can three little boys generate with a Desktop Pencil Sharpener? Having clocked the new arrival when they came in from school, they were keen to try out the new device. I went around the house collecting all … Continue reading

24. May 2011 by Roze
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I’ve run out of spare pots

The gardening project hasn’t gone exactly to plan, a little like this blog, it’s working but not how I thought it would. The first batch of tomato seeds only produced one plant and the flower seeds produced hundreds of plants. … Continue reading

13. May 2011 by Roze
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Simple Pleasures

Just sitting here chopping apples, listening to the gentle conversation on the radio, thinking about eating hot apple with cold ice cream and watching the boys become absorbed in their colouring.   Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on … Continue reading

30. March 2011 by Roze
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