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Tower of boys

Next year we’ll have to do a bit research into structural integrity before tackling such a large scale project. Wolverton’s other 2016 scarecrow entries were wonderful, local gardens coming alive with all manner of creative papier mache & stuffed clothes characters. … Continue reading

12. October 2016 by Roze
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Jam jar worlds at dusk

  Bringing a splash of colour to a rainy Saturday morning. The Young Pioneers at Milton Keynes Arts Centre made an excellent job at surrounding their light filled jam jars with bright colours and all kinds of silhouettes that really … Continue reading

13. June 2015 by Roze
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Sticky fingers

I’m being quite spoilt by the amount of creative kids that are coming along to these workshops. Today we were designing and making animals with moving parts via a wooden clothes peg. A bit fiddly and a lot of glue stuck … Continue reading

28. May 2015 by Roze
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Lantern making

This was a relaxing and easy project from last Sunday. I cut some fresh willow from the garden and we spent two industrious hours contentedly bending, fixing, sticking and trimming. The inspiration came from Fiona Danks and Jo Schofields’ book … Continue reading

21. January 2012 by Roze
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Made to play

The boys were lucky this Christmas and received a lot of Lego kits which didn’t leave much time for crafting. However, since I discovered I’ve been wanting to try out some of Joel’s ideas (his book is entitled made to play) so … Continue reading

02. January 2012 by Roze
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Making paper

Having caught George on numerous occasions trying to make his own paper in his room and using lots of my liquid soap and face cream in the process, I thought it might be a good idea for us both to … Continue reading

16. October 2011 by Roze
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Boys’ art

More birthdays mean more card making, I wonder how many cards we send each year. I had a few suggestions up my sleeve for what the theme could be this time but not one the boys was impressed with what … Continue reading

12. October 2011 by Roze
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Family portraits

This was a fun little project, done in three stages over two days. All three of my boys (aged 4, 4 and 5 years) enjoyed the process. We began painting our family portrait of five by drawing around bowls and … Continue reading

06. August 2011 by Roze
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Recycling broken crayons

Every time a crayon rolls off the table it seems to snap in half instantly. So much so that we’ve had a box full of broken crayons for some time now. I’ve heard there’s a lot you can do with … Continue reading

17. June 2011 by Roze
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Party straws

For my party preparations this week, I turned my attention to decorating the drinks. I found this idea by accident when I was online looking for stripy paper straws. It’s from a lovely book entitled ‘Paper + Craft‘. Made from … Continue reading

10. June 2011 by Roze
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